The Prescott Hiking Club is located in Prescott, Arizona. Hikes are offered for all ability levels several days per week; we also have camping trips, and periodic picnics and parties. Members live in Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, and other Central Yavapai County areas. Dues are $5 per person, annually. Membership is open to anyone interested.

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Gisela after hiking in the fire ashes.


This photo was taken after a tough hike to the top of Little Granite Mountain in early December, 2013

Special Events and Announcements

Event and Campout Summary (details are below)

Date Event
May 29 Picnic, Wekuvde Ramada, Granite Basin
June 2-6 Kaibab Lake Campout, Williams, AZ
September 6 Picnic, Mingus Mountain
September14-20 South Lake, near Bishop, CA

Planning Meeting  

Treasury Status: The majority of 2014 membership dues have been received. As of April 2, 2014 we have $2058.74 in the Club account.

Charity Donation: With a large balance in the treasury, we decided to make two $400 donations to local organizations that build or maintain trails. Greta Carriger and Susy Whann will look into this and give a report at the next planning meeting.

News: For many years, Jim Perry produced the newsletter and schedule, maintained the club membership database, and maintained the club website. He asked for volunteers to help with any or all these tasks. Susan Youngblood volunteered to take on the newsletter, schedule, and maintain the membership list. Jim will continue to update the website. If you have information for the newsletter, schedule, or membership, call Susan at 515-2533. If you have information for the website, call Jim at 458-5058.

Pre-planning: Don't forget that you and shorten the meetings by filling out hikes on the Planning spreadsheet that is online. Watch your email for when it is posted. 

Next Planning Meeting

Wednesday, August 6, 2014


  1. Plan special events,

  2. Decide where we'll hike.

Please show up and volunteer!

Place and Host:

Ellen Bank 7207 East Pinnacle Pass Loop Prescott Valley, AZ 86315, 775-4957


Picnic, Thursday, May 29, 2014

Granite Basin Wekuvde Ramada

Fast and slow hikes at 8:30. Picnic 11:30 at FR-104 T-junction.

Potluck; bring your own plate, utensils, and chairs!

Moderate Hike Leader: Donna Overland, 772-3563.

Picnic Coordinator: Chris Maxwell, 732-735-2128

Map: Wekuvde Ramada

Picnic, Saturday, September 6

Mingus Mountain

Meet at the picnic area near the hang-gliding launch site. Moderate and slow hikes at 8:30. Picnic 11:30.

The picnic is potluck; bring your own plate, utensils, and chairs!

Hike leaders and picnic coordinators: Paul LaBranche, 541-9579 Margaret Starnes, 410-937-2119



Important: Please notify campout leaders if you are planning to attend, or even thinking about really helps!!!

Spur-of-the-Moment Campout, Kaibab Lake Campground,
Williams, AZ
June 2-6

Mon, 6/2 Arrive any time. Happy hour is 4:30ish

Tues, 6/3

Wed, 6/4

GROUP DINNER in Williams (restaurant TBD)

Thu, 6/5

Fri, 6/6 Home

Kaibab Lake Campground is a pretty wooded camp on a lake with boating and fishing (no swimming). No hookups or showers. Drinking water is on site, but RVs and camp trailers need to bring water. You may NOT fill up tanks at the campground. There is good site availability right now, try to reserve Loop D. Cost is $20 per night, but only $10 per night with a Senior (Geezer) Pass. More details later.


Map: Kaibab Lake Campground

Campout at South Lake, Bishop, CA
Sept 14-20

Hosts: Jim & Donna Overland, 772-3563

Sunday through Saturday Campout at South Lake, about 15 mi west of Bishop, CA, at 7000-9000' elevation. The area is beautiful in the fall and may be cold at night. We'll do moderate and strenuous hikes around South Lake and drive to the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest for a 4-mi loop hike. Campgrounds and cabins are available. More info will be coming by e-mail. Notify Donna if you are interested. After the campout, Donna will be doing a one week backpack from North Lake to South Lake, about 70 mi. Talk with her if you are interested in the backpack.

Map: South Lake Boat Landing, Inyo National Forest, CA

Aluminum Alert!!!!!

Keep those aluminum cans coming!!! The club treasury is in great shape thanks to all of you members who are helping the environment and PHC by recycling.

Julius & Inge Dembinski are still accepting cans at 3050 N. Lynx Lake, Prescott Valley, 759-2410.

PLEASE crush the cans first, and cans ONLY; no garbage.

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